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Founded in 2007, Maponya Business Technologies is an Information Communications and Technology solutions provider. Since its establishment, the company has continuously aimed to position itself as one of the industry leaders in the provision of quality and innovative Information Communications and Technology solutions and prides itself on remaining a wholly owned black company.

Our focus is on ethical business practices in a profitable manner with acceptable returns for its shareholders. We rely on loyal committed employees in the workplace where empowerment, respect and rightful reward prevail.  We understand that a Turnkey Project means that our clients have a “Single Point of Contact” for all of the equipment procurement and installation needs as well as throughout the implementation processes for creating a working system. We also understand that as service providers, we have a responsibility to ensure that the deliverables, for which we have been contracted, meet or exceed the expectations of our clients.


Delivering Turnkey ICT Solutions

  • PROJECT MANAGEMENT: We will do the conceptual network design, Implementation of the project and supervision which will save client money and increase productivity.
  • DATA AND VOICE COMMUNICATIONS RETICULATION AND NETWORKING: Supply and installation of equipment such as cables, connectors and distribution panels as well as data topologies for LANs and WANs and state of the art structured cabling systems.


  • HARDWARE SUPPLY: Laptops, Monitors, Keyboards, Mice and other Computer Hardware. Supply and installation of various brands of switches, Hubs, multiplexors, repeaters, transceivers and routers.


  • COMPUTER ROOMS: Access flooring, Civil works for environment where static discharge occurs as well as for concealing and protecting data cables.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING SYSTEMS: Supply of full automated or manual early warning systems for fire detection and protection. Security systems, access control systems, and CCTV monitoring and road barriers for on and off-line applications.


  • AIR CONDITIONING: The supply and installation of environmental equipment for all computer rooms and specialist room environments that require monitoring and maintaining of temperature and humidity levels.


  • FIBRE OPTICS BACKBONE: We supply and install fibre, linking and maintaining connectivity between buildings that run on the same network.

Strategic Leadership

Strategic Leadership includes: Business Analysis, Enterprise Architecture, Strategy Development and Implementation, ERP Systems Implementation, Business Model Development, Product Development, Process Optimisation, and Project Management.

Business analysis provides solutions to clients through understanding of the client’s requirements. Business analysis is required for both IT related projects as well as non-IT related projects:

  • To assist in Portfolio Investment Decisions
  • For Business Process Improvement, Re-Engineering
  • For Business Requirements Elicitation and documentation for ERP Implementation and Business Systems Development
  • To guide the direction and growth of the company through development of the corporate strategy and its implementation
  • To structure budgets and oversee expenditures and income targets
  • To ensure risk mitigation plans are in place
  • To ensure that the company has the correct staff structure in order to deliver on its mandate
  • To optimise shareholder returns

Print Management

We are a registered dealer for Canon products and services. We provide the full array of Print devices, Support, Service and the Financing of various financial models appropriate to the client’s needs and requests. Our specific area of focus at present, at a corporate level, is the provision of Managed Print Solutions (MPS). In the provision of this service all cost drivers and applications can be addressed as an end to end solution integrating related components into a single managed service:

  • Single point of contact
  • Single bill compiled by department or device for cost centre allocation
  • Onsite management of hardware, consumables, spares and related software
  • Device management software
  • Output management software
  • Document process enhancement
  • Business process recommendations
  • Electronic document management systems for storage and retrieval and integration
  • Full reporting
  • Best of breed devices from Single Function Printers, MFDs, Scanners and Wide
  • Format Printers
  • Audits, TCO analysis and Project Management