Maponya Energy box
In one hour, enough sunlight reaches the Earth to meet the energy needs of every person on the planet for one year. The promise of solar energy is no longer a thing of the future, it is here now. Our goal is to bring this clean, abundant and renewable sources of energy home to all our clientele. Maponya Energy provides expertise and innovative, quality products and solutions in the energy demand management industry.

Maponya Energy believes in working together with our partners to position them as industry authorities in energy management and creating “green” buildings. We can assist you to implement cost-effective energy efficiency solutions, reduce your carbon foot print, reduce your monthly electricity bill, and to reduce your cost of doing business.



Replacement/retrofitting of inefficient lights in buildings both indoor and outdoor.


Street lighting:

Replace with latest energy efficient technologies e.g. LEDs.



 To optimize space heating and in buildings and installation of timers and sensors.


Solar Water Heating

Installation of solar water heaters (SWH) in order to offset the use of electricity for water heating.


Process Optimization

Fine tuning of the manufacturing process in line with world class benchmarks (1) More efficient motors and (2) Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) e.g. water treatment plants.


Systems We install

100 lt Low Pressure systems
150 lt Low Pressure systems
150 lt High Pressure Systems
200 lt High Pressure Systems

Our Approach is to conduct a comprehensive audit that allows us to customise the perfect solution:

  • We Provide a dynamic model of energy use characteristics of both the existing facility and all energy conservation measures identified.
  • The building model is calibrated against actual utility data to provide a realistic baseline against which to compute operating savings for proposed measures.
  • Extensive attention is given to understanding not only the operating characteristics of all energy consuming systems, but also situations that cause load profile variations on both an annual and daily basis.
  • Existing utility data is supplemented with sub-metering of major energy consuming systems and monitoring of system operating characteristics.